iOS 11 is Installed on Only 10% of Devices 24 Hours After Launch

It has been 24 hours since Apple officially released iOS 11 to the public, and, according to new data from an analytics company, the adoption rate is slower than last year’s iOS 10.

According to Mixpanel, a data analytics company that tracks this sort of thing, iOS 11 is installed on only 10 percent of devices since the launch of the next major upgrade for the mobile operating system 24 hours ago. To compare, iOS 10 last year saw an adoption rate of 14.45%, while iOS 9 the year before that saw an adoption rate of 12.60 percent over the same stretch of time.

Interestingly enough, iOS 11 wasn’t hindered by any kind of installation issues like we’ve seen in the past, especially with iOS 10, something that might hold back adopters from hitting the download and install button. Of course, it’s possible that those previous issues, while not apparent right now, might be causing some iOS users to hold off until a few days after the software is available before jumping on board.

Other factors are certainly in play, and the installation base is surely likely to ratchet up in a big way once the weekend arrives, and more people have time to sit down and upgrade their phone. As is par for the course with Apple software, it will be available on the majority of devices soon enough.

Apple more than likely keeps track of the software adoption rates, especially on milestone numbers like the 24 hour mark, and while it’s probably not a happy moment to see adoption rates trending down from last year and the year before, but the numbers will surely swing around the other way soon enough.

Have you upgraded to iOS 11 yet?

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