iOS 11 GM Leak Details How the Status Bar on iPhone 8 Will Work

iPhone 8 design

The iPhone 8’s notch display design had many people confused as to how the status bar in iOS 11 will work. Thanks to the leaked Golden Master build, this mystery has now also been solved.

As discovered, due to the notch design of the display, Apple has split the status bar on the iPhone 8 into two as well. The left side shows the time and the location icon, while the right one shows the battery percentage, Wi-Fi and cellular network strength.

There is a slick new transition animation whenever a new icon is displayed on the status bar. The animation is very smooth so as to not distract the user from the content they are viewing on the display.

iOS 11 on the iPhone 8 will automatically push content downward from the title bar so as to avoid the notch region of the display. And when apps use your location for tracking, the ‘ears’ of the status bar will change colors to depict that and be interactive in nature. Check out the images posted by developer Steve T-S below to get a better idea of how the status bar on iOS 11 will work on the iPhone 8.

Do remember that this status bar behavior on iOS 11 will be exclusive to the iPhone 8 since it comes with a notch display design at the front. The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will feature a front similar to the existing iPhones so the status bar behavior on them will remain the same as well.

Plenty of details about the iPhone 8 has already leaked since earlier today thanks to a leaked iOS 11 Golden Master firmware file. This includes the confirmation of an LTE Apple Watch with a red Digital Crown being real and features like Anomoji, Portrait Lighting, 4K 60fps video recording, and more on the iPhone 8.

[Via 9to5Mac]