iPhone 8 Launches to Tepid Response in Asia, Australia

Following a muted response to their pre-orders last week, the iPhone 8 launch in many Asian countries today has also met with a similar response. The tepid response — unusual for a new iPhone launch — is due to customers holding out for the more expensive iPhone X due for an early November launch. 

While a major new iPhone launch is usually accompanied with long queues outside Apple’s stores, things were different this time around. In Apple’s flagship store in Sydney where usually hundreds of people queue up before the store even opens up on the day of the launch of a major new product, only around two dozen people were standing this time around.

The tepid consumer response is also due to the new iPhones getting mixed reviews and not packing any substantial improvements over their predecessors, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, that’d make them worthy of an upgrade. Apple’s shares have also reached a two-month low due to the lukewarm response to the iPhone 8.

Despite its $999 price tag, many consumers are likely waiting for the iPhone X. However, the handset will be in severely short supply due to production issues with various components. This demand-supply imbalance is expected to last until the middle of 2018. Nonetheless, it is possible that many consumers will just end up purchasing the iPhone 8 after getting frustrated with the limited availability of the iPhone X.

[Via Reuters]