iPhone 8’s Water Resistance Capability Compared to Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 are both dust and water-resistant. The Galaxy S8 has a better IP certification than the iPhone 8 but then how do both these devices perform in a water test? 

As a comparison video posted by YouTuber iTwe4kz shows, both phones with their IP67 and IP68 certification are easily able to survive being dunked in water for over 30 minutes. The Galaxy S8’s display did start behaving a bit weirdly after being in water after about 10-15 minutes, though the problem sorted itself out automatically after some time.

With the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 both being dust and water-resistant, the performance of the handsets in the above comparison video should not be surprising. However, do remember that despite that their IP certification, both Samsung and Apple do not honor any kind of liquid damage under the regular warranty of the device.

Additionally, the water-resistance rating on the iPhone 8 does not mean you can take the phone swimming with you. The added water pressure at depths lower than 1m can breach the water-resistance seal and damage the handset permanently.

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