iPhone SE Conceptualized With Bezel-Less Design and Dual Rear Cameras

This year, there are three new iPhones. Two that bring back a familiar design, with bezels right up front, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. And the other, the iPhone X, which aims to reduce the bezels in a big way.

One of the major features of the iPhone X is that the display measures in at 5.8 inches, which is technically bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus’s 5.5-inch screen, and yet it feels smaller because the iPhone X’s package is smaller, thanks to the reduced bezels. But, it’s still a big display, and Apple knows not everyone wants a huge screen, which is why they still sell the iPhone SE, which boasts a 4-inch display.

The fine folks over at Curved.de have put together some conceptualizations of the iPhone SE, envisioning what it might look like if it brought over the iPhone X design aesthetic, reducing bezels and packing in features, but kept that smaller form factor across the board. The design keeps the 4-inch display, but uses an OLED panel rather than the LCD option.

The overall design holds tight to the current iPhone SE, but the bezel-less design, and rounded edges, does offer a pretty interesting design. Around the back, the concept artists integrate a dual camera system, which we’ve seen in the Plus iPhone models, as well as the upcoming iPhone X. There isn’t the notch design on the front, though, so there doesn’t appear to be any room for a True Depth camera system. So, even in concept art, there wouldn’t be any Face ID on board this “iPhone SE+”.

But it appears that many of the other high-end features that are present in the iPhone X could make the jump to the smaller form factor, which, in a perfect world, could translate to a lower price tag when compared to Apple’s new flagship iPhone.

You can check out the full gallery through the Curved.de source link below.

Would you pick up an iPhone SE with an iPhone X-inspired design? How much would you pay for it?

[via 9to5Mac; Curved.de]

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