iPhone Upgrade Program Customers Can Now Trade-In Their Existing iPhone by Mailing It to Apple

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple has tweaked its iPhone Upgrade Program. The tweak allows users to mail in their existing device which they will be trading-in for a new iPhone directly to Apple.

Once your new iPhone has shipped, Apple will send you a trade-in kit with a prepaid shipping label so that you can send in your existing device to Apple. The device you are sending must not have a cracked display and should still be a fully functional unit. It is unclear when exactly did Apple make this change but it is going to be a useful one as it will prevent many potential iPhone 8/X upgrade customers from lining up outside Apple’s store thereby reducing the initial rush.

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 last year, customers were forced to visit an Apple Store so as to trade-in their existing iPhone and upgrade to a new one. However, during the initial few weeks of the handset’s availability, upgrade customers usually ended up returning empty handed from the store because of stock issues. With the new mail-in Trade-in kit option, Apple is hoping to reduce unnecessary harassment for its customers.

Sadly, the mail-in Trade-in Kit option is not applicable for T-Mobile customers having an iPhone Upgrade Program membership.

[Via MacRumors]