Accessing Control Center on the iPhone X is a Big Change


The iPhone X gets rid of the Home button, and at the same time it also introduces a variety of gestures to get certain things done. One of those gestures no longer does what it used to on older iPhone versions.

When Apple introduced Control Center, it was billed as a means to more easily access things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other essential aspects that might need to be easily accessed. Music controls found a happy home in Control Center, as did Apple Home, volume control, display brightness, and other features. Accessing these features in this manner wasn’t completely exclusive to Apple’s iOS, but the implementation was. In other operating systems you would slide down from the top of the display to reach these things, which, with one hand and on phones getting bigger displays, might not be the easiest.

For some, Control Center’s slide-up-to-access feature made it the important feature it was, not just that it existed.

Well, Apple has apparently decided to change things up for the iPhone X, because the slide up gesture no longer launches Control Center. As the company showed off on stage today during its September event, sliding up on the display now launches multitasking, or going Home. You slide up to go Home. You slide up and hesitate a moment to launch multitasking. You cannot slide up to access Control Center.

Instead, future iPhone X owners will need to slide down from the top-right part of the display to access Control Center. For some, that is a change that is not going over well:

And, as David Pogue pointed out on Twitter, there is quite a bit of relearning that iPhone X owners are going to have to do when they get their new phone, especially if they’ve been using iPhones for years:

Getting access to Notification Center appears to be possible by swiping down from the top of the display, but not from the top-right corner of the display, because that would launch Control Center. It’s certainly an interesting change from how Control Center currently works, especially considering that the iPhone X’s display isn’t small by any means. At 5.8 inches it’s still pretty sizable, even if the overall design of the phone makes it feel like a “small phone with a big display.”

On stage, Apple tried to make the new Control Center implementation sound as easy as one might hope it would be, perhaps as easy as it currently is, but as people have pointed out the change is likely not going to go over well for those who like the current implementation. Reaching the top-right corner of the iPhone X’s display to get Control Center might not be the easiest thing for someone trying to use their phone with one hand.

What do you think of the change made to Control Center?

[image via Engadget]

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