iPhone X Production Issues Possibly Associated with Scarcity of ‘Romeo’ Modules

Face ID - iPhone X

The iPhone X consists of “Romeo” and “Juliet” modules, which are essential for the functioning of Face ID on the new flagship. A new report out of The Wall Street Journal talks about fewer “Romeo” modules coming through compared to “Juliet” modules. Romeo and Juliet are internal names for the  dot projector and the new infrared camera onboard the iPhone X.

The dot projector is capable of beaming 30,000 dots on the user’s face to create a precise map. The infrared camera then analyzes these from the user’s face. Naturally, the two are required to function in tandem, and shortage in the supply of one component breaks down the entire process.

The iPhone X is scheduled to go on pre-order starting October 27, with in-store availability and shipments slated to commence on November 3. Apple hasn’t talked about launch delays as of yet, but it seems like these production issues were part of the reason why Apple couldn’t release the flagship along with the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus, which went on sale last Friday to relatively lukewarm response.

This is mainly due to the anticipation and hype surrounding the iPhone X. Given these factors, it’s clear that Apple will have to cater to a large audience when the iPhone X is ready to reach the shelves.

The demand is expected to be higher than usual for the iPhone X thanks to all the new features on board. With Face ID being one of its marquee features, it is hoped that Apple will be able to sort out the supply issues before launch day.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]