Many iPhone 8 Plus Owners Complaining of Static Noise During Voice Calls

iPhone 8 Plus showing logo and camera island

Many early iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus owners have been complaining about static noise from their new iPhone 8 Plus during voice calls. The static/crackling noise is coming from the earpiece grille of the handsets, and it is being reported by new iPhone 8 Plus owners from all over the world.

The annoying static comes only from the earpiece when one is on a call. No such sound comes when the user takes a phone call over speakerphone or through headphones. The issue is present not just during regular voice calls but FaceTime calls as well which happens over the internet. In fact, the issue is also present while making voice calls on the iPhone 8 Plus using third-party VoIP apps.

Affected users have tried doing a hard reset on their device, though it seems to have helped only in certain cases. Certain Apple stores have replaced the iPhone 8 Plus units of affected customers with a new one thinking it to be a hardware issue but that did not solve the issue. Interestingly, the issue only seems to be present on the iPhone 8 Plus, with iPhone 8 owners not complaining of any such issues.

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus just hitting the market, the handsets are bound to suffer from such teething issues. It is likely that we will see Apple roll out a minor iOS 11 update soon to fix this and many other issues with the devices.

[Via MacRumors]