Nintendo Updates Switch Online App to Allow Voice Chat When Phone’s Screen is Locked

Back in July, Nintendo officially launched the Switch Online app, which, among other things, made it possible for players on the online network to talk to one another while playing multiplayer in Splatoon 2.

Unfortunately for those who wanted to use the app, there were some big caveats. First, if you wanted to use the app to talk to someone while playing the aforementioned game, you needed to keep the app open. You wouldn’t be able to use another app if you wanted to keep the conversation going. On top of that, the phone’s display couldn’t be locked, either, which meant the phone’s screen always had to be on. As one can imagine, there wasn’t a lot of positive feedback for this particular issue.

And it looks like Nintendo actually listened, because the company has officially updated the Switch Online app for iOS devices to make it work all the time. Specifically, after you update the app, Switch owners will be able to keep talking to their teammates, friends, and family members even when they use another app, or when the phone’s display is locked.

It’s a relatively small update, considering, but the details are the important part. Not being able to talk during online matches can be frustrating, but also watching your smartphone’s battery get drained with long play sessions would make it even worse. The update to Switch Online is rolling out now, so if you’ve got the free app installed the App Store should have the update ready.

The online platform for Switch is a free service right now, but Nintendo has already confirmed it will be going to a paid service sometime in 2018. When that happens, it will cost $3.99 per month, $7.99 for three months, or $19.99 for a full year’s worth of service.

Have you tried out the Switch Online app?


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