PowerBar Adds a Horizontal Battery Bar to the iPhone Status Bar [Jailbreak Tweak]

The Status bar is an essential part of iOS that displays a bunch of important information, such as the battery level, the WiFi signal, current time, cellular signal and so on. In a nutshell, it lets you quickly glance at important information. Now there’s a new jailbreak tweak that brings an interesting new feature to the Status bar.

Called PowerBar, this jailbreak tweak displays a progress bar in the Status bar which indicates the current level of your battery. It adds a horizontal bar right above the Status bar which increases and decreases based on the amount of battery left on your iPhone.

For instance, if your battery level is around 30%, the bar shrinks to one-third of the screen. Similarly, if it’s at 100%, the bar expands to cover the entire width of the screen. The best part is that it is colored to reflect the battery amount left. A red bar indicates that you have a low battery left, whereas a green bar indicates that you have enough battery left before your iPhone dies. As your battery level decreases, the color changes from green to yellow, orange, and finally red, which is the lowest amount of battery.

Once you install the tweak, you’ll be able to view the battery bar at the top of the Status bar. You don’t have to manually enable it, but there are a couple of customization options that are available via the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings. These options allow you to do the following:

  • Enable or disable the tweak on demand.
  • Adjust the height of the battery bar in pixels.
  • Customize the different colors of the bar based on battery level.
  • Hide or show the battery icon or the bolt icon for charging.
  • Enable pulse effect so that the bar starts pulsating when you connect your iPhone to the charger.

Whatever changes you make will take effect right away without requiring a respring. The only time you have to respring is when you change the color of the battery bar.

PowerBar brings an interesting concept to the Status bar that we have never seen before. While this might not appeal to users who prefer a minimalist design, those who are into theming will find it useful. As an example, you can hide the original battery icon in the Status bar with a tweak such as Lithium Ion and have it replaced with the horizontal battery bar added by PowerBar. It’s also a good way of keeping a tab on your current battery level without forgetting.

PowerBar is not available in any of the default Cydia repos. Instead, you have to add the developer’s repo in order to be able to install this tweak. From the Sources section of Cydia, tap on Edit > Add, then enter the following source: http://skylerk99.github.io. Once you add it and Cydia refreshes, you should be able to find and install PowerBar. The tweak is available for free and supports iOS 10 devices.

What do you think of PowerBar? Let us know in the comments below once you give it a try.

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