Rumor: AirPods Wireless Charging Case to Launch in December for $69

At its iPhone launch event earlier this week, Apple showed an AirPods case with wireless charging feature built-in. The revised AirPods case features a battery indicator outside of the case and has support for Qi wireless charging. 

Now, per MacPrime, Apple will be selling the new wireless AirPods case for $69 from December. Apple does not sell the AirPods case separately, though it does charge a $69 as a repair or replacement fee for the case. Thus, the $69 price point for the wireless case makes sense.

It does seem unlikely that Apple will be bundling the wireless AirPods case with the AirPods. Instead, users would still be required to purchase it separately. There is always a possibility that Apple could bundle the wireless charger with the AirPods and increase its $159 price point to $199 or even higher.

With the Qi AirPods charging case, customers would be able to charge their AirPods wirelessly. And if they plan on purchasing the AirPower mat next year, they would be able to charge their iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch wirelessly at the same time. Since the AirPods charging case supports Qi charging, it can also be charged wirelessly using other Qi wireless chargers in the market.

[Via MacPrime]