Should You Update to iOS 11 on Your iPhone or iPad?

iOS 11

Apple has announced that it will release iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Tuesday, September 19. iOS 11 comes packed with hundreds of exciting new features and improvements.

If you are in two minds about updating to iOS 11, I will list down the reasons to install iOS 11 and also reasons not to install iOS 11 so you can make a more informed decision.

Top Reasons to Install iOS 11 Right Away

#1. Shiny New Features

iOS 11 features

iOS 11 is an evolutionary update to iOS, with a major focus on improving iPad productivity. It also unifies the Lock screen and Notification Center, offers a customizable Control Center, and brings major and minor redesigns for various stock apps. There’s an overarching design change in iOS 11 as well. While iOS 7 was all about minimalism and thinness, iOS 11 is all about being big and bold. This new design, with reduced information density, is starkest in the fully redesigned App Store.

On the iPhone, iOS 11 refines the features introduced in iOS 10. Here are the main features:

  • The Lock screen and Notification Center are merged so you can now swipe up on the Lock screen to view all your notifications, right there.
  • Control Center is back to being just one screen. There are now tiles that you can 3D Touch to expand to view more information.
  • Apple has redesigned the iMessage app drawer to make it easier to use.
  • You can now use Apple Pay to pay other Apple Pay users, right from the Messages app.
  • A potential end-all for syncing frustrations – iMessage, Siri, and Photos data will now sync between all your devices using iCloud.
  • Siri now has a more natural voice, supports translation and gets a small visual update. Siri also supports list and QR code apps.
  • App Store gets a big new redesign to make it look more like Apple Music. There are new tabs for Today, Apps and Games view.
  • Do not Disturb While Driving feature automatically disables all notifications when you’re driving.
  • When you take a screenshot, you’ll now get a little preview of it in the bottom-left corner. Tap on it and you’ll be able to mark up the screenshot before saving it or sharing with anyone.
  • Files app replaces iCloud Drive app.

The iPad finally gets the productivity love it deserves. Here are some of our favorite features for the iPad.

  • There’s a new Mac-like Dock that lets you add more than 6 icons and shows recent apps.
  • Slide Over now works by dragging an app from the Dock.
  • There’s a new App Switcher that integrates the Dock, Control Center, Spaces, and apps.
  • You can finally drag and drop files, links, text, and images between two apps.
  • Using Apple Pencil, you can now just start drawing anywhere inline in Notes and Mail app.
  • Tap your Apple Pencil on the Lock screen to directly open the recently used note in the Notes app.

#2. ARKit Apps

ARKit Hungry Catepillar

One of the most exciting features in iOS 11 is the ARKit framework. With ARKit, Apple is giving developers the basic framework that they can build on top of so they don’t have to do the heavy lifting. In some ways, this is similar to when the App Store was launched. We’re about to see a whole new category of apps emerge. For App Store, it was about touchscreen apps, for ARKit, it’s about augmented reality.

We have already seen some real-world examples from developers on how iOS 11’s ARKit could bring mind-blowing immersive augmented reality experiences like the “inter-dimensional portal” and Flyover mode in iOS 11 Maps app powered by ARKit. Apple also recently showed off some ARKit apps to give us a glimpse of what to expect. Here’s a look at demo videos of two ARKit apps: IKEA and Food Network.

There is speculation that Apple is laying the foundation for the rumored AR Glasses with ARKit, but I had explained, ARKit is Apple’s move into augmented reality. I believe iPhone is a perfect form factor for casual augmented reality experience. So I can’t wait to see how developers will use ARKit to bring augmented reality experience to our iPhones and iPads.

Unfortunately, ARKit apps won’t be available on all iOS 11 compatible iPhones and iPads. But if your iOS device is compatible, then ARKit apps is one of the best reasons to upgrade to iOS 11.

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#3. iOS 11 Won’t Make Your Device Slower

One of the apprehensions people seem to have especially after the iOS 9 update is that a new iOS software update will all the new features and improvements makes the older devices even slower. However, based on several speed tests, it doesn’t seem like iOS 11 slows down the device, including older iOS devices.

At the same time, don’t expect iOS 11 to bring speed improvements to your iPhone or iPad. I haven’t noticed any noticeable improvements either.

#4. iOS 11 Isn’t Buggy

A few years back, the first version of the major iOS software updates was a bit buggy. Apple has tried to address those issues by launching the iOS beta program so that the testing of the iOS software update isn’t just limited to developers. Based on my experience with the iOS 11 GM, it is safe to say that iOS 11 will be one of the best major software updates Apple has released for iPhone and iPad in terms of stability.

Top Reasons Not to Install iOS 11

Unlike previous years, there are not too many reasons not to install iOS 11.

#1. Jailbreakers

It has been a while a jailbreak has been released so I don’t expect the iOS 11 jailbreak to be released soon. Yalu jailbreak, the first and only jailbreak for iOS 10 was released only at the end of last year, more three months after iOS 10 was released. If you are running a jailbroken version of iOS 10 or iOS 9 and don’t wont to lose all those handy jailbreak tweaks, then you should hold off on installing that the iOS 11 update.

One of the golden rules of jailbreaking is to stay where you’re and avoid updating your device to the latest iOS software update to improve your chances of jailbreaking your iOS device.

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#2. 32-bit Apps

As you probably know by now, 32-bit apps won’t be supported in iOS 11. So if one of your favorite apps hasn’t been updated to make it compatible with iOS 11 then it won’t work when you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11. So you may want to find out if your favorite apps are not in the list of apps that are compatible with iOS 11. You could always look for an app that offers similar functionality, so this shouldn’t be a show-stopper to install the iOS 11 update.

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The only piece of advice I would have is to wait for a day to install the update or at least not immediately after iOS 11 is released on Tuesday. There is usually a flood of users downloading a major iOS software update, which can slow down the download of the software update and at times has also caused major issues. So be patient and download the iOS 11 software update after the floor of requests has slowed down. It also gives you enough time to find out if there is a major issue with the update.

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What do you think?

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