Spotify Now Has an iMessage App to Help Share Music

Sharing music is important to streaming platforms, as it means more people join in on the platform. Making it easier to share is just as important.

TechCrunch reports that Spotify has launched an iMessage app, which is designed to help share music from the service with contacts. According to the report, Spotify hasn’t actually officially announced anything just yet, but the app does appear to be live for users. If you already have Spotify installed on your phone, just open the App Store icon at the top of the keyboard, and find the Spotify app icon.

Once you select the icon, it will open a page that says “Say it with music” with a Spotify splash page. You’ll be able to search for the music you want, and once you do a list of what you want will pop up. Sharing it will populate album artwork, along with the Spotify logo at the top-left of the artwork. There isn’t a play button, though, and tapping it will launch the Spotify app to play the track or album.

It’s also worth noting that the sharable track is only 30 seconds, so it isn’t the whole song in the preview. If you want to listen to the whole song, you’ll need to open the app.

Spotify is still the biggest platform for streaming music, used by millions of people across the globe, and iOS is a major means to access the service. Gaining an iMessage app, which will let people share music more quickly, should be a nice bonus.

How often do you use iMessage apps?

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