Twitter Testing 280-Character Limit for Tweets

Twitter today announced that it is trying out a longer character limit of 280 characters across all languages except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The company is making this move based on the data it has collected which suggests that users would be able to better express themselves when they have 280 characters to write down their thoughts.

In certain languages like Japanese and Chinese, the older 140-character limit applies because how the language is constructed which allows one to express themselves in fewer words. The data from Twitter suggests that the 140 characters limit is a major cause of frustration for people tweeting in English, and when this limit was not there, people used to tweet more. Thus, the company as an experiment has decided to increase the 140-character limit to 280.

For now, the company is going to increase this limit for a small group of people and see how it goes before it takes the final decision on making the feature live to everyone. Twitter is confident that the 280 character limit will allow its users to better express themselves in a simple and concise manner just like before.

Twitter had previously tweaked the character limit to exclude links and usernames so as to allow users to better express themselves. The latest change from the company is on similar lines as it hopes these moves will help become more active on the service. In recent quarters, Twitter has only reported a flat growth while its peers like Instagram and Facebook have skyrocketed in terms of popularity.

[Via Twitter]