Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV Now Rumored to Launch Before the End of October

Amazon’s Prime Video service has been one of the set-top box’s most oft-requested additions, and back in June Apple announced it would finally be arriving on the Apple TV at some point in the future.

Since then, the question as to when Prime Video would actually arrive has been asked several times, and there still isn’t an answer. Back in August we heard that it probably wouldn’t launch in September, which turned out to be true. Even in that month, we heard that it could launch alongside Amazon’s first broadcast of Thursday Night Football, which is obviously a pretty big deal for the company. But that didn’t pan out, either.

Now, another rumor has cropped up, this time over at Reddit. The information was published by a user with the username “AmazonVideoEngineer” who claims to work for Amazon. According to the user, the Prime Video app for Apple TV will launch before the end of this month. Specifically, the user published his thoughts on the subject a few weeks ago, saying that the earliest Amazon could launch the app was October 26.

Now, AmazonVideoEngineer is back with a quick update, saying that they are “very confident” on that specific launch date of October 26:

“Some of you will remember my post a little while back, in which I warned that Amazon would not launch until at least October 26. We’re now just about two weeks from the 26th, and the app is still on track to launch that day. In my time at this job, I have never once seen a release slip this close to a scheduled launch. I am very confident in saying that the 26th is finally the day.”

As it stands right now, there is no reason to take this without the prerequisite amount of skepticism, considering it is far from an official announcement from either Apple or Amazon. Taking it at face value, though, it looks like Apple TV owners may finally get Amazon Prime Video on their set-top box before the end of the month.

If you have an Apple TV (did you buy an Apple TV 4K?), is this one app you are excited to have?

[via MacRumors; Reddit]

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