Apple Confirms Its Investigating Incidents of iPhone 8 Plus Splitting Open Due to Battery Failure

iPhone 8 Plus Rear view

Apple has confirmed to MacRumors that it is investigating the two reported incidents of iPhone 8 Plus splitting into two likely due to a battery failure.

There were two incidents reported last week by iPhone 8 Plus customers. The first incident involved a Taiwanese woman who said her iPhone 8 Plus split open into two while it was being charged. She confirmed that she was using the official Apple power adapter bundled with the handset. The lady has already returned her iPhone 8 Plus to Apple for investigation purposes.

“We are aware and are looking into it,” an Apple spokeswoman confirmed to MacRumors.

The second incident of iPhone 8 Plus splitting wide open was reported in Japan. Unlike the first case though, the customer involved in the second incident said his handset arrived in the same state.

In both cases, the battery swelling is likely to be blamed for the iPhone 8 Plus splitting into two. The two handsets split because of the battery swelling for some reason or their glue giving away. More such cases involving an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus have not been reported yet so there is no reason for new iPhone owners to worry about. This is not a wide scale issue as it occurred with the Galaxy Note 7 last year.

Have you noticed any such issues with your new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus?

[Via MacRumors]

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