Apple India Now Honors Warranty for International iPhones in the Country

In a move that likely going to please a lot of Indian customers, Apple India has started honouring international warranty for iPhones purchased from abroad in the country. While all iPhones sold by Apple come with an international warranty, their warranty was not honoured by Apple in India so as to keep a check on their imports. 

However, the company has now had a change of heart and will start honouring the warranty for iPhones purchased from the international market in India. This only applies to the unlocked version of iPhones though, with carrier variants being ineligible.

While Apple has started launching almost all of its devices in India earlier than usual, it continues to price them at exorbitant rates as well. For example, the $999 iPhone X retails for almost $1,390 in the country, with the 256GB variant being priced a staggering $1590. Now that Apple will honor the warranty for iPhones purchased from the international market as well, Indians who fly abroad regularly can get an iPhone X or iPhone 8 at a lower price and still have their peace of mind knowing the warranty on their device will also be honored. Getting an iPhone X from the U.S. will translate into savings upwards of Rs 25,000 and more.

This move from Apple will also lead to an increase in the sales of iPhones in the grey market. People were usually wary of buying an iPhone from the grey market due to the lack of warranty which is no longer an issue now.

[Via GadgetsNow]

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