Apple Launches New $149 Leather Sleeve for 12-inch MacBook

Amidst the pre-orders for the iPhone X, Apple also quietly launched a new leather sleeve for the 12-inch MacBook. The sleeve is available in Saddle Brown and Midnight Blue colors.

Priced at $149 and made from high-quality European leather, Apple is only offering the Leather Sleeve for the 12-inch MacBook at the moment. The sleeves feature a microfiber interior to protect their aluminium build.

Unlike the iPhone X, the leather sleeve is in stock and has a shipping estimate of only 1 business day. The sleeve has a horizontal slit and features four indentions at its back to accommodate the rubber feets on the bottom of the MacBook.

The sleeve also allows MacBook owners to charge their laptop using the USB-C port even while it is inside it.

The price of the leather sleeve is definitely on the higher side though. You can find plenty of other quality leather sleeves from third-party accessory makers for a much lower price.

Apple Store

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