Apple Maps Transit Info Now Available in Phoenix, AZ and Birmingham, AL

Throughout the first part of 2017, Apple was on a semi-consistent roll deploying new areas supporting transit information through Apple Maps.

That streak has slowed, but the company continues to add new locations to provide transit information for Apple Maps users out there in the wild. With transit information, public means of transportation should now register within the stock Maps app, including buses and railways. Different transit methods are available in different areas.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix Sky Train at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport is supported, as is the Valley Metro bus lines. As is par for the course, outreaching areas that connect to Phoenix are also included, including the cities of Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler.

Meanwhile, in the Birmingham, Alabama area, the MAX Transit buses that operate in the area should now show up in the “Transit” option in Apple Maps. Transit information is also supported in Huntsville and Montgomery.

According to a tipster speaking with MacRumors, transit information is coming soon to Apple Maps in places like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, and Denmark. However, when that might happen remains unknown.

In February of this year, Apple Maps added transit data for those in Detroit, Michigan, and in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Recently Apple Maps added transit data in Singapore, and Adelaide, Australia in May. And, most recently, it was added in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Throughout 2016, Apple was adding transit information for cities all across the globe on a semi-regular basis, including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio. On top of that, Apple Maps Transit now covers Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami, Florida, as well as adding support for the United Kingdom’s National Rail. Apple Maps has also added Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Sacramento, California. Rio de Janeiro, and Montreal got support in 2016 as well. Apple also added Honolulu, Hawaii and Kansas City, Missouri, to the list last year.

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