Apple to Mark Third-Generation iPad As Obsolete on October 31

Apple will mark the third-generation iPad as obsolete from the end of this month. The tablet was first released in 2012 and was the first iPad to feature a Retina Display.

Apple will mark the iPad 3 as obsolete starting from October 31st. This means that Apple Authorised Service Centers and Apple Stores will stop accepting the tablet for any kind of repair work. In California and Turkey, however, Apple will continue to provide repair support for the tablet due to local laws.

While the iPad 3’s Retina Display was praised, it was criticised for its weight, poor performance, and long charging times — all of which stemmed from the extra load created by pushing the extra pixels on the Retina Display. It was also the last tablet from Apple to feature the 30-pin dock connector.

Apple had ended up replacing the iPad 3 with the fourth-generation iPad within six months of its release.

Are you still using the third-generation iPad? Or have you already discarded it?

[Via MacRumors]