Apple May Abandon Touch ID in Favor of Face ID in All 2018 iPhones

iPhone X Face ID TrueDepth Camera System

iPhone X is yet to go on sale, but the reaction to Face ID has been quite polarized, some users like me seem to be excited about it, while others seem to find it a deal-breaker.

The good thing is if you want Touch ID, you can buy an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, you may not get that option in 2018, as he predicts that Apple will go all-in and use Face ID on all iPhone models in 2018, and abandon Touch ID.

In a research note last month he had said that Apple will probably use a wait and watch approach to see consumer’s reaction to iPhone X, but he now predicts that Apple will probably abandon Touch ID completely. According to Kuo, TrueDepth cameras and Face ID will help Apple “capitalize on its clear lead in 3D sensing design and production for smartphones.” 

Today’s research note also points out that though Chinese manufacturers may launch smartphones with in-display fingerprint technology in 2018, it is unlikely to be popular due to high selling prices. He also expects Android smartphone manufacturers to move towards 3D sensing rather than in-display or fingerprint sensor at the back of the smartphone. Bloomberg recently reported that a few startups that specialize in facial recognition technology have already seen a pickup in demand from companies interested in their technology since the iPhone X launch event on September.

I think a lot will depend on whether Apple can address the yield issues with the TrueDepth Camera system that is rumored to be plaguing the production of iPhone X. Earlier today, a report claimed that Apple is able to produce only 400,000 iPhone X devices per week currently as manufacturers are still struggling to perfect 3D sensors and in particular dot projectors in Apple’s TruDepth camera system.

Would the lack of Touch ID in 2018 iPhones be a deal-breaker for you? Let us know in the comments.

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