Apple Interested in ‘Intelligent Blood Monitoring Technology’

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Apple has had another patent application surfaced, and this one indicates Apple is interested in even more health-related technology.

AS reported by AppleInsider, a patent application that was published on October 12 shows that Apple is investigating methods for “intelligent blood monitoring technology.” The idea would be to automatically detect blood levels, which would then be capable of informing the user based on data sets inputted by the user, or simply by the data collected by wearable devices.

The patent application covers triggers for measurement, but also a variety of different other areas, including taking note of when a certain level is reached, and also taking an average reading while the user is sleeping. Blood monitoring would be a huge benefit for the Apple Watch, so it would not be surprising to learn that Apple is investigating incorporating detection into its wearable technology.

The patent application is broad, as is par for the course with this sort of thing. Apple details notifications being sent between mobile devices, wearables, and even network technology in general. It even covers wearables that can be worn for longer periods of times, like the type that a patient at a hospital would wear.

The patent application doesn’t cover the security side of things, unsurprisingly. But considering Apple’s focus on keeping user data secure, this seems like a point of interest for the company if it were to launch a feature like this on the Apple Watch (or any future product).

Smart sensor bands have been long rumored for the Apple Watch, almost right out of the gate, and technology like this could certainly benefit from these types of accessories. Apple may simply run out of room within the Apple Watch body itself for all the health-related technology it wants to incorporate, so specialized bands would help with that.

[via AppleInsider]