Apple Pay May Launch in Sweden Soon [Update]

Apple Pay - Wells Fargo

Apple Pay has rolled out to a variety of different locations all over the globe already, but there are still some places that haven’t launched the mobile payment option.

For folks in Sweden who have been wanting to use Apple’s mobile payment service, it sounds like the wait may be coming to an end soon. According to a report from MacPro, Apple Pay is expected to arrive in Sweden as early as next week. Specifically, the big launch date may be October 24, when a joint announcement is made with Nordea, the first bank to launch the mobile payment option.

Unfortunately, the report does not come with a lot of information, just providing the date and the bank that will reportedly support Apple Pay at launch. It is not unheard of to see Apple Pay only be supported from one bank in a new launch country, and there is no word if there will be a specific card provider (Visa or MasterCard) tied to the launch.

This isn’t the first piece of big news for Apple Pay this week, as Apple’s own Eddy Cue confirmed that the mobile payment option would be arriving in India soon as well. Expectations for that launch are already high, as it is expected that Apple Pay will support a variety of different digital wallet services, including Paytm in the region. If this report about Sweden is any indication, the initial rollout will be a bit more low-key.

Update: MacPro is also reporting that Denmark and Finland are on the cusp of launching Apple Pay support as well.

If you are in Sweden, have you been anticipating the launch of Apple Pay in your neck of the woods?

[via MacPro]

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