Apple is Removing the ‘Dice’ Subcategory From Games in the App Store

iOS 11 App Store

Apple today announced a change to the App Store, removing a subcategory from the App Store.

As noted by MacRumors, beginning now, Apple is removing the “Dice” subcategory from the App Store. The subcategory was available in the Games section of the App Store, but it will no longer be there beginning today. The entire Dice section will be removed from the App Store entirely in the near future.

The report indicates that developers who have games that fit under the dice subcategory have already been notified, and that they will not need to do any extra steps. They will be able to change their subcategory if they want to.

“Starting today, the Dice subcategory under Games will no longer be available for selection in iTunes Connect and will be removed from the App Store in the future. You are receiving this email because you have one or more apps in this subcategory.

While no action is required since subcategory selection is optional, you can change your app’s subcategory during your next update as described in View and edit app information, or change it now if your app has an editable app status.”

As for why Apple is removing the dice subcategory, and, eventually, the dice section altogether remains unknown. Apple did not go into detail as to why it has made the decision. As noted in the report, it is possible that it is simply not a populate subcategory, and that is why they have decided to remove it. It could also very well just be a means to streamline the categories, of which there are many, even in the updated App Store for iOS.

[via MacRumors]