Games Account for 62% of Revenue for ARKit-Only Apps

ARKit Apps and Games for iOS 11 2

Apple rolled out ARKit, the company’s big push into augmented reality (AR) back in September alongside the launch of iOS 11.

It’s one of the biggest additions to the Apple lineup in years, with room to grow. And while there are a variety of different apps available that take advantage of ARKit already, from utilities, photo and video, and education. Perhaps unsurprising to some, games appear to be holding the lion’s share of attention for iOS users up to this point.

As reported by TechCrunch, the games category for ARKit-only apps is basically dominating the landscape for revenue, as well as selection. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, the games category currently accounts for 35% of ARKit-only apps. Coming in second place are utilities apps at nineteen percent, followed by entertainment at 11%, education at 7%, and photo & video at 6%.

For the top five grossing ARKit-only apps, four of them are games. Within the free category, the top two are games, followed by AR-based apps for basketball, and then IKEA. The paid category sees a tape measure app in first place, followed by two games. As it stands right now, games account for 53% of ARKit-only app downloads, and games have earned 62% of the total ARKit-only app revenue so far.

It’s worth noting that in Sensor Tower’s data, they are not including apps that might have some augmented reality features baked into them, but rather focused on the apps that have AR the primary focus of the experience. Games do make it a pretty easy way to show off augmented reality, so it’s not too surprising to see them sit at the top of the charts. Just as we’ve seen from games like Pok√©mon GO, AR can really enhance the experience.

Which ARKit apps have you tried out so far?

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