Craig Federighi Confirms Apple Is Working on Fixing Reachability Bug in iOS 11

iPhone 6 reachability

Apple’s Craig Federighi has confirmed in an email that the company is working on a fix for the Reachability bug in iOS 11. 

In iOS 10 with Reachability enabled, one could swipe down from the middle of the screen to bring down the Notification Centre. In iOS 11, this is no longer possible as users are required to swipe down explicitly from one of the top corners of the display. This goes against the whole concept of Reachability which has been designed with one-handed use in mind.

One can trigger Reachability on their iPhone 6 or higher by quickly double tapping the Home button.

Below is the email sent by Michael to Craig Federighi:

Ever since iOS 11 was released as a beta, the ability to invoke the Notification Center from the middle of the screen during reachability was removed. This was an incredibly useful feature as one didn’t have to awkwardly try to take ones’ thumb all the way back to the top even though reachability was invoked—defeating the whole purpose of it for one crucial task.

If this was done by design I fail to see the purpose or any benefit whatsoever to its removal. If it’s a bug, I hope Apple can get around to finally fixing this mistake/oversight.

Craig’s reply to the email was a short “We are fixing it”, with no word on when one should expect it to be fixed. Its possible that Apple will fix this bug in the final release of iOS 11.1 which should be released towards the end of October.

Apple has completely redesigned the Notification Center in iOS 11 and merged it with the Lock Screen.

[Via MacRumors]

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