Delta Will be Replacing Microsoft Products With iPads and iPhones for Employees

iPhone 7 Plus - Back - Camera - closeup

Delta employees are going to get a change in devices here shortly, according to an internal memo.

Fortune was able to get their hands on an internal Delta memo, which states that the company will be replacing all of its Microsoft-branded devices, including smartphones and Surface-branded products, with Apple devices. That means over 23,000 flight attendants and 14,000 pilots will be getting new hardware soon. A spokesperson for Delta did confirm that the memo is accurate:

“An airline spokesman confirmed that the email is legitimate. A Microsoft (MSFT, +0.05%) spokesperson said the hardware change is part of an overall Delta hardware refresh to standardize on a 10.5-inch form factor. Delta continues to invest in and use Microsoft productivity and business applications across its operations, the spokesperson added.”

As of right now, Delta flight attendants use a Nokia Lumia 1520 for their in-flight needs. However, that will be changing to an iPhone 7 Plus. The smartphone will be used for a point of sale (POS), as well as handle general customer service requests. Meanwhile, Delta pilots will be forced to ditch their Surface tablets in favor of the iPad Pro.

Delta, despite moving away from Microsoft hardware, will still be keeping a partnership with Microsoft intact. That means that there will still be apps running on this iOS devices that take use Microsoft Dynamics.

According to the airline, this change of pace is part of a larger hardware refresh for its employees. The new changes will be rolling out beginning in 2018, with the pilots and flight attendants getting the new Apple hardware then.

[via Fortune]

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