Apple Music Integration With Facebook Messenger Rolling Out Now

Being able to share music is essential for streaming services, and getting integration into some of the most popular messaging services helps with that.

Engadget reports that Apple Music is currently being integrated into Facebook Messenger, a particular feature that the social network announced would be happening way back in the spring of this year, at its F8 developer conference. At the time, Facebook didn’t have a timeframe for a launch, but according to the aforementioned publication it is starting to roll out today.

To launch the feature, Messenger users simply need to tap on the “+” icon that’s to the left of the text input box. Once the extensions pop up, Apple Music should be listed there. If it isn’t there just yet, keep an eye out for it, as it should appear within the list soon. Users can also share Apple Music content from the built-in share sheet in iOS 11.

Facebook Messenger was updated to version 137.0, but Facebook doesn’t go out of its way to list the major features/changes to its app when it does release a software update. To have the best shot at getting the Apple Music integration in Facebook Messenger, it might be worth updating the app through the iOS App Store before checking out the extensions.

As a note, this publication was not able to reproduce the Apple Music extension within Facebook Messenger, even with the app updated to the most recent version, but it does look like the feature has begun rolling out today.

If you use Apple Music, how often do you share music?

[via Engadget]

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