Google is Testing Support for Third-Party Email Accounts in Gmail for iOS

Depending on the app, Google may bring some features to its Android versions before they arrive on the iOS app, and sometimes it can happen the opposite way. Gmail for iOS is no different.

Today, the official Gmail account on Twitter took to the social network to ask Gmail for iOS users to help test a new feature coming to the app: Third-party email account support. This would allow Gmail for iOS to support non-Google email accounts, broadening the scope of support to accounts like Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail and/or Live), Yahoo, and others.

Google is having those interested to fill out a beta application, which will then let them into the program to test the pre-release features for the app. To be approved, you need to tell Google that you do indeed use the Gmail for iOS app, your device(s) must have iOS 10 or later, and you must have a non-Google email account to test out.

It’s all pretty straightforward, but for Gmail for iOS users who have been wanting this particular feature, and may have even switched to another app to serve those needs, this is potentially great news. Unfortunately, while Google is currently testing the new feature, there is no word on when it will launch to the public.

Gmail for Android already supports non-Google email accounts, so the addition to the iOS app always felt a bit inevitable.

Do you use Gmail for iOS? Will you start using the app once Google rolls out this particular feature, or will you stick with your current email app?

[via @gmail; Google]

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