Honolulu Becomes the First City to Ban Looking at the Phone While Crossing the Street

Texting and Walking - Honolulu

After passing a law that prohibits pedestrians from looking at their phone while crossing the street in late July, Honolulu will officially bring this to effect starting today. This makes Honolulu the first city to bring such a system in place. Pedestrians who violate the new ruling will be fined up to $99 by the city depending on the level of their offense.

Pedestrians will be fined $35 for the first offense, while second and third violations will cost you up to $75 and $99, the city says. The bill passed in July specifically states “No pedestrian shall cross a street or highway while viewing a mobile electronic device.” It is important to note that only “viewing” the phone is considered an offense. So if you’re on a phone call while crossing the street, you have nothing to worry about.

There are some other notable exceptions made in the bill. You will be exempt from this new ruling if you’re calling 911, or if you are an emergency responder glancing through your phone while crossing the street. This new law is strictly meant for distracted pedestrians.

This bill could set the precedent for other cities to ban looking at the phone while crossing the street. A move like this could only help to serve the people given the amount of accidents that have occurred due to distracted pedestrians.

[Via TechCrunch]