iOS 11 Surpasses iOS 10, Reaches 47% Adoption

24 hours after the launch of iOS 11, the mobile operating system found itself at only 10 percent adoption. Which, as we noted at the time, was quite a bit different from the adoption of previous versions of the platform.

One week after the release of iOS 11 and the mobile OS was installed on 25% of devices out there in the wild. That’s still a nice milestone, but it still paled in comparison to past versions of iOS and their own adoption rates. Along the way, Apple has released minor updates to the OS, bumping the version up to iOS 11.0.3 with the most recent release, all of which were aimed at fixing small issues with the platform.

Now, as confirmed by analytics company Mixpanel, who keeps track of this sort of thing, iOS 11 has another milestone: 47% adoption, which, while just barely, is enough to mark it as officially surpassing iOS 10’s install base. Specifically, at the time of publication, iOS 11 is currently installed on 47.70% of devices, while iOS 10 is currently installed on 45.93% of devices.

While things are starting to go a bit faster for iOS 11 at this point, it is still not seeing rapid-paced adoption by any means. And it doesn’t look like there was a massive bump in iOS 11 numbers with the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus back in September, either. Still, those new devices certainly helped with the numbers at any rate.

The holdout might be folks waiting for the newest flagship model, the iPhone X, which is set to go up for pre-order on October 27 and launch into the wild in early November. That will obviously bring iOS 11 up to some better adoption numbers.

Have you updated to iOS 11 yet?

[via Mixpanel]