iPhone Continues to Remain the Smartphone of Choice Among U.S. Teens

iPhone 8 Plus showing logo and camera island

The data collected from a new poll conducted by investment firm Piper Jaffray shows that the popularity of iPhones among U.S. teens continues to grow, while the popularity of Android phones has flattened. The poll surveyed 6,100 teens in the United States with an average age of 15.9 years. 

The survey shows that 78 percent of the teens who took part in the poll already owned an iPhone, with around 82 percent of them planning on buying an iPhone as their next smartphone. Both numbers are up from the last time this semi-annual poll was conducted, with the upgrade percent being the highest ever recorded in the survey.

The higher interest among U.S. teens can be attributed to Apple launching its 2017 iPhone lineup. More specifically, its the iPhone X which should have caught their fancy thanks to its bezel-less front and Face ID.

The survey included the Apple Watch and Music this time around as well. 17 percent of the surveyed teens said they plan on buying an Apple Watch within the next six months. In comparison, the survey conducted in spring 2017 saw only 13 percent of the teens interested in buying the smartwatch. As for Apple Music, it trailed Spotify and YouTube but was more popular among teens when compared to Pandora.

It is interesting to see so many teens still interested in buying an iPhone as their next smartphone despite the iPhone 8 featuring largely the same design as the iPhone 6 released over three years ago and the iPhone X carrying an exorbitant $999 price tag.

[Via PipperJaffray]