iPhone X Caught in the Wild with New Dynamic Wallpaper

A small video uploaded on YouTube shows someone playing around with an iPhone X. The video does not reveal anything new about the device but does show off a new dynamic wallpaper on the device. The iPhone X goes up for pre-order on October 27 and releases on November 3, so it is unclear how this person got his hands on the iPhone X before its release.

The new dynamic wallpaper is likely going to be exclusive to the iPhone X when it launches later this month. Apple will probably also include more exclusive wallpapers on the iPhone X to show off its beautiful OLED screen. The small video also shows Face ID trying to unlock the device but failing since it cannot recognise the user’s face.

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

In addition, some photos of another iPhone X in the wild have also been posted. Again, the photos don’t reveal anything new about the device, though I must say that the iPhone X looks better in real-life photos compared to the press photos from Apple.

Another iPhone X in the wild (3 Photos) from apple

What do you think about the iPhone X based on these leaked pictures and photos? Do you plan on buying one despite its high price? The handset goes up for pre-order on October 27 and will go on sale from November 3. Due to production issues with the TrueDepth camera, the handset is expected to be in short supply at launch, with a demand-supply imbalance expected to last for a few months after its release.

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