Apple Reportedly Fired the iPhone X Engineer Whose Daughter’s Hands-On Video Went Viral

Not too long ago, a hands-on video of the iPhone X was published to YouTube. Unfortunately, while the video was taken down, it has apparently had lasting effects.

Brooke Amelia Paterson published a video blog (vlog) to YouTube, which included footage of the Apple Campus. The trip was to visit her father, who is an engineer working on the RF and wireless circuit design within the iPhone X. During that trip, Paterson was able to get her hands on an unreleased iPhone X and showcased using it on video.

Now, Paterson has posted a new video, in which she explains what happened, a little backstory to her own life, and that her father, the engineer working on the iPhone X, has been fired. The reason, according to Paterson, is that her father violated the rules set in place by Apple, including the fact that there is no filming allowed on campus. Especially not of an unreleased product.

However, that video did appear to show QR-specific employee codes. And, at one point, the notes app was pulled up which apparently included the names of unreleased Apple products.

After the video went viral, Apple requested that Paterson take it down. However, by the time that could happen the internet did its thing and it quickly spread out, and was viewed quite a few times before it was ultimately taken down.

As it stands right now, Apple has yet to comment on the dismissal. You can see Peterson’s new video below.

[via The Verge]