Jeff Williams Discusses the Strengths of Artificial Intelligence

Jeff Williams

Apple has been putting many of its chips in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) basked for a few years now, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon.

During a recent keynote speech at the 30th anniversary celebration of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Apple’s COO Jeff Williams discussed a variety of topics, but spent the lion’s share of time talking about AI and how much of an impact the technology will have on a variety of different markets, including health care, which he said is “ripe” for change.

Williams said he believes that the future of AI is in cooperation with on-device computing, which he says the two technologies will help “change the world” in the future. He also believes that the smartphone in our pocket is a major AI platform just waiting to be tapped:

“We think that the frameworks that we’ve got, the ‘neural engines’ we’ve put in the phone, in the watch … we do view that as a huge piece of the future, we believe these frameworks will allow developers to create apps that will do more and more in this space, so we think the phone is a major platform,” Williams said.”

Williams also took time to talk about TSMC and the major changes that the supplier had to undertake to match the demand Apple brought to the company over the years. He said the partnership between the two companies started in 2010, with the launch of the iPhone 4, and since then they have worked together to launch iPhones all over the world.

“He credited Chang for TSMC’s “huge” capital investment to ramp up faster than the pace the industry was used to at the time. Apple decided to have 100 percent of its new iPhone and new iPad chips for application processors sourced at TSMC, and TSMC invested $9 billion to bring up its Tainan fab in a record 11 months, he said.”

TSMC is a major supplier for Apple’s iPhone, and while Samsung is currently trying to earn back some of the pie, it sounds like TSMC will continue to fill that role for quite awhile.

[via Reuters]

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