Make File Sharing Simple And Secure With Dropshare 4 [Deals Hub]

Workspaces are no longer just confined to the walls of an office building. You and your co-workers can operate anywhere in the world. You need an app that makes sharing files feel as easy as tapping your coworker on the shoulder. Dropshare 4 for Mac makes the process a breeze, and you can get it on sale from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

You won’t find a file sharing tool that is more flexible and easy to use than Dropshare. This application allows you to quickly upload screenshots, screen recordings, files, folders—whatever it is that you need someone else to have access to—and let the rest of your team see it. All you have to do is drag and drop your file, pick the hosting provider of your choice, and Dropshare will spit out a link for you to share with your team. That’s all it takes to keep your entire office in the loop.

You can get Dropshare 4 from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $12.99. That’s 48% off the retail price for an app that will simplify your workflow and make file sharing a process that is as simple as drag and drop. Grab this deal today!

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