New Incident of iPhone 8 Plus Splitting Open Reported in China

It looks like more and more iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus owners across the world are reporting about their phone splitting into two due to a bloated battery. Today, a new incident is being reported by the Chinese media that occurred with Chinese customer Liu. 

The photos shared by the media show the screen of iPhone 8 Plus being bent. As per Liu, the phone was delivered to him in this state. The unit in question was an iPhone 8 Plus in gold color with 64GB of storage space. It was purchased on the evening of October 3. The split seems to have been likely been caused by the battery inside the phone swelling. Two other similar such incidents have already been reported before.


While it is usual for some reports to emerge of a new phone exploding, burning itself automatically, or any other battery-related woes, the reports surrounding the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are certainly on the higher side. Like with the other reported incidents, Apple is already investigating the incident. In such cases, usually, the blame lies on the user for charging their device with an unauthorised third-party charger. However, in all the reported incidents so far, the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus was found split in half right out of their retail box.

Apple is already investigating the issues and should reach a conclusion soon on why these issues are occurring. Until and unless more such issues are reported though, don’t expect Apple to make its findings public.

[Via ThePaper]

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