Play Around With Arduino To Your Heart’s Content [Deals Hub]

If you’re interested in coding, Arduino is one of the most interesting and exciting areas of development. The open source electronics platform has amassed a major following from all sorts of creators who are building new and interesting programs and applications every single day. You can join their ranks by grabbing a lifetime subscription to Codebender. It’s on sale now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

If you’re interested at all in Arduino, then you’ll want to get your hands dirty with Codebender. This massive community of experts and amateurs alike are building all kinds of incredible things and are ready to help you create. You can learn to code, compile, store, collaborate, and share your ideas with others who will help shape your code and make it even better. Access more than 600 built-in libraries, view over 312,000 sketches, and get tons of feedback from experts who are happy to help you improve your work.

You can get a lifetime subscription to Codebender on sale from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $69. That’s a massive savings of 94% of the retail price for $1,200 for a resource that will help you expand your horizons, so grab this deal today!

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