Qualcomm CEO Still Expects Things to Resolve with Apple

Despite the intense legal battle going on between Apple and Qualcomm, the chip maker’s CEO believes that both companies will start working together again in the future. He says the dispute between the two companies is about the price of a fundamental technology and how much one is willing to pay for it.

Qualcomm’s CEO Steve Mollenkopf made these statements during WSJ‘s D.Live conference. While the CEO did not have a date or a timeframe as to when the issue between the two companies would be resolved, he was optimistic that it would be resolved due to the broad relationship they have.

“At the end, the important thing to remember is this is fundamentally a discussion about pricing over the fundamental technology that makes the phone the phone,” Mollenkopf said. “It comes down to, ‘How much are you going to pay?’” And Qualcomm has “a long history of providing value and settling these issues.”

Mollenkopf also said that despite one of its large customers withholding its payment, it does not mean that down the line, device OEMs will not be willing to pay licensing fees to the company. He called the current situation an anomaly than anything else.

Qualcomm is currently engaged in a 1$+ billion patent infringement case against Apple. In January, the FTC filed a complaint against Qualcomm for monopolizing the market. Shortly after, Apple filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm for wrongly charging royalties towards a tech that in Apple’s words, had nothing to do with Qualcomm. The chip maker then soon released a statement calling Apple’s claims as baseless and then proceeded to countersue Apple. The Cupertino company has since then tried to put pressure on Qualcomm by asking its suppliers like Foxconn to withhold their payments to Qualcomm, with the latter unsuccessfully trying to get a ban on the sale of iPhones in key markets across the world.

[Via Cnet]