Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Ties iPhone 8 Plus in DxO Mark Camera Tests

DxO Mark has a lengthy, in-depth camera testing procedure, and, as a result, its tests usually gain attention for the score each smartphone receives at the end.

Last year, Google touted the camera test results for its flagship Pixel smartphone lineup, and, this year, the recently-launched iPhone 8 Plus managed to nab the highest camera score to date, earning 94 points in total. That achievement is short-lived though, as DxO Mark has finally come forward with its camera tests for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8, and returned an overall score of 94 — effectively tying the iPhone 8 Plus.

As is par for the course, DxO Mark has a huge, lengthy breakdown of how the camera in the Galaxy Note 8 stacks up in their own rigorous testing procedures. We can see different utilities, like bokeh and zoom, as well as low-light and other tests. Interestingly, the titles for each test are certainly noteworthy:

Apple iPhone 8 Plus reviewed: The best smartphone camera we’ve ever tested


Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The best smartphone for zoom

The full review is certainly worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of smartphone cameras and want to see how they stack up against one another. For its part, DxO even puts side-by-side comparisons between the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, pitting the zoom and bokeh effect features against each other. The report indicates that the Galaxy Note 8 has some solid bokeh effect, rivaling the iPhone 8 Plus:

And that the zoom on the Galaxy Note 8 offers better details than the iPhone 8 Plus when zooming:

Breaking down the points, the Galaxy Note 8 got a score of 100 in the photo department, and a score of 84 in the video department, bringing the end result to 94. Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 Plus has a score of 96 in the photo category, and an 89 in the video category, bringing the end result to 94.

The full report can be read through hte source link below.

[via DxO Mark]