Score Five Awesome Mac Apps For A Price You Pick [Deals Hub]

Macs are powerful machines to begin with, but are you making the most of it? With the right tools you can enhance elements of your Mac that you already thought were great, from improving overall performance to adding new layers of security. Power up with the Fab 5 Mac App Bundle. You can pay what you want for it now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

The Fab 5 Mac App Bundle includes five top-rated apps for Mac users that are sure to improve on the already excellent experience of owning a Mac. Headlining the bundle is TechTool Pro 9.5, a powerful diagnostic tool that will take a peak inside your Mac and tell you how to optimize the performance to have your machine running new again. You’ll also score great apps to unleash your creativity, like web design tool RapidWeaver 7 and photo-editing app AfterShot Pro 3.  The bundle also includes MacCleanse 6, a tool to give your Mac a deep clean, and Hands Off! to keep an eye on suspicious activity on your device.

The Fab 5 Mac App Bundle is valued at over $350, but you can pay what you want for the pack of programs right now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. Beat the average to unlock them all, get on the leaderboard, or just pay what you can. It’s up to you, but no matter what, these apps are yours!