Snap Sold More Spectacles Than Apple Sold iPods in Their First Year

Spectacles, the glasses that let owners record ten seconds of videos, saw plenty of attention when they launched back in September of last year.

At the time, finding a pair of Spectacles meant finding a vending machine that the company, Snap, would launch in random spots throughout the United States. Eventually, though, the glasses launched in a wider capacity, becoming available through the likes of Amazon. They were priced at $129.99, and apparently they have been a successful product for Snap — at least compared to the first year of the original iPod’s lifespan.

According to Snap’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, the company has sold over 150,000 Spectacles since launch. The glasses with the built-in camera managed to generate over $8 million in revenue for the company during the quarter, Snap announced back in May. Over the year, though, the sales numbers continued to grow, to where Spectacles surpassed the original iPod’s launch numbers over its first year.

Specifically, Apple sold 143,000 iPods back in 2002. As noted by CNBC, Spiegel is very proud of the Spectacles numbers, as he sees the glasses as a way of growing accustomed to the hardware business. Apparently Snap has big plans in that space, with “so many things” coming down the pipe from the company. Of course, Spiegel wouldn’t go into any details just yet.

“One of the things I did underestimate was how much more important communication becomes,” Spiegel said. “When you go public… you really need to explain to a huge new investor base, right – instead of having 10 new investors, you have 10,000 – you have to explain how your business works. And at the same time you need to do that, there are also all these new regulations about what you can and cannot say and how you can communicate. So I think one of the things we’ve been going through this year is how to communicate the Snap story.”

As Snap ventures further into the hardware market, it will be interesting to see what the company comes up with. Especially as other companies start moving into that space, including Apple — if all those rumors of smart glasses from the Cupertino-based company bear any truth to them. Either way, Snap has seen some positive feedback with its Spectacles hardware, so it’s certainly not a surprise that the company would want to venture into new ideas and creations.

Did you ever pick up a pair of Spectacles?

[via CNBC]