T-Mobile is Also Offering up to $300 Off the iPhone X With Eligible Trade-In

First we had Sprint announce its iPhone X launch promo, and then Verizon swooped in and revealed its own promotion.

And now that those two are out of the way, T-Mobile has decided it’s a good time to reveal its own plan. Announced today, T-Mobile is offering up to $300 in credit towards the purchase of an iPhone X, but there are some important details to be aware of, as usual. First, you’ll need to pick up the iPhone X either through the Jump! On Demand program, or the Equipment Installment Plan.

The EIP pricing is $279.99 down, and followed by $30 per month for 24 months for the 64GB iPhone X. Meanwhile, the 256GB iPhone X will cost $429.99 down and then $30 per month for 24 months. If you prefer the Jump! On Demand option, that will cost $41.56 per month for the 64GB option, and the 256GB variant will cost $429.99 down and $24 per month.

The Un-carrier says that any iPhone model dating back to the iPhone 6, with the exception of the iPhone SE, will qualify for a trade-in towards the iPhone X. However, this is where things get interesting.

If you trade-in an iPhone and it’s not worth $300, T-Mobile will give you what it’s worth up front and then hand out the rest over a period of 24 months. If your phone is worth $200, you’ll get that up front, and then $100 doled out over the rest of the time. And, like the other carriers, if you opt to get a new phone before that 24 months is up, that money is forfeit.

So, that’s three of the big four, with AT&T left to announce its own iPhone X promo. As it stands right now, most of them are all the same, as far as overall money is concerned, with Sprint offering the most. Still, hoops must be jumped through for each carrier, but at least the promos exist at all.

The iPhone X goes up for pre-order beginning at 3:01 AM ET/12:01 AM PDT on Friday, October 27.

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