T-Mobile and Sprint’s Merger Announcement May be Delayed

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One of the more consistent rumors in the wireless industry is a potential merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, cropping up every once in a while to stir the pot.

That rumor surfaced yet again back in September of this year, and it was quickly followed up with a second report suggesting that the two wireless companies were closer than ever before to announcing a merger between the Now Network and the Un-carrier. The most recent report, earlier in October, suggested that both companies were planning on making an announcement in tandem with their quarterly earnings report.

That would have meant that the announcement would have arrived before the end of October. However, as the month starts to close out, Bloomberg arrives with a new report to set expectations. According to the report, the announcement may be delayed. It says that while the original plan was indeed to announce the merger with the latest quarterly earnings, that does not appear to be the case anymore. If the announcement does happen, it might not arrive until mid- or late-November.

The report also suggests that both companies could delay their own quarterly earnings calls, to around the mid-November date, so that the merger announcement still ties into the quarterly earnings.

The federal regulators in the United States have been adamant in the past that there needs to be at least four major wireless carriers in the United States, to have the proper competitive presence in the wireless market. Back in 2011, AT&T tried its hands at confirming a merger with T-Mobile, but that ultimately fell through.

So, a delay might be in place, but it sounds like the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is still on track. For now, anyway.

Do you think T-Mobile and Sprint should merger?

[via Bloomberg]

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