Tim Cook Believes Coding Should be a Requirement in Every Public School

Tim Cook 'Hour of Code

Coding has always been an important tool, but, as apps become even more dominant, and technology continues to make its way into every facet of our lives, it has become even more important.

Considering Apple’s place in the advancement and availability of applications, especially on mobile devices all over the world, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the CEO, Tim Cook, sees coding as a vital part of any person’s education. And he would like it if kids started early, as revealed in an on-camera interview that was published to Facebook by Konbini.

The interview was conducted while Cook is over in France, where he’s made several stops along the way — and where it is rumored that Apple may join the largest startup incubator in the world, Station F, which is located in Paris. In the interview, there are several questions asked off-camera, and then Cook’s answers are edited together for a pretty quick video.

There are several questions tossed at Cook, including how creativity plays into the genetics of Apple as a company, to which he says that creativity has always played a huge role, dating back to the original Mac. Cook also talks about the impact of applications, which make it easier for people to learn trades, like playing the guitar, when maybe those students could not have afforded it before.

Cook also talks about coding in education, saying that he believes it’s even more important than learning English. He says that he doesn’t believe French students should not learn English, but that learning how to code should be just as important. He also believes that coding should be a standard lesson plan in all public schools across the globe.

You can check out the video below.

Do you agree with Cook’s outlook on coding?

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