Twitter Adds a ‘Happening Now’ Feature to Your Timeline

Twitter is a real-time way of keeping tabs on things, so adding a way to stay in the know for events happening around you seems pretty pertinent.

Today, Twitter officially announced that it is adding a “Happening Now” feature to the standard Timeline. According to the company, the new feature is only available in the United States to start, and it will be focusing on sports within your neck of the woods. The feature is designed to show the user events around them that they think they’ll like. And, in the Twitter app, these events will appear at the top of the Timeline.

“You may see events featured at the top of your timeline labeled as Happening now. When available, we’ll show you events and topics we think you might be interested in when you open your Twitter for iOS or Android app. Tap the [down arrow] icon to view why we think you’ll be interested in the event, or to hide the event from your timeline. Tap the photo to view conversation surrounding the event.”

Twitter says that the feature is for sports right now, but that it will be expanding to cover other live events in the future — especially those tied around breaking news, TV events, and others. The social network wants to make sure that its users aren’t missing content, hence the new feature, but also the fact that it will be populating at the top of the Timeline, making it easier to see in just a glance.

The company also confirmed that the new Happening Now feature is available for iOS and Android users beginning today.

[via @twitter]