WhatsApp Creates Its Own Emoji Set Which Looks a Lot Like Apple’s

WhatsApp has long been the only notable messaging app to use Apple’s emoji set on both iOS and Android. However, starting with the latest beta version of the app for Android, the company has decided to use its own emoji set across all platforms.¬†

However, instead of designing its own emoji set, WhatsApp has simply taken Apple’s emoji and tweaked them just enough to call it their own. If you thought the emoji shown in the image above was from Apple, look again. They are all custom emoji designed by WhatsApp and can be found in the latest beta of its Android app. As more comparison images from¬†Emojipedia¬†below show, WhatsApp’s emojis are a direct rip-off of Apple’s design. This is not a bad thing particularly since major chat platforms already have their own custom emoji which are already confusing enough to decipher.

WhatsApp has long designed its own emoji like the one for a middle finger and another one for the Olympic Rings way before any OEM added Unicode 7 emoji support.

For now, these custom emoji from WhatsApp are only found in the latest beta of the app for Android. It is unclear if WhatsApp will be bringing them over to the iOS version of the client as well or not. And since the emoji set is found in the beta version of the app, it is possible that they can be further tweaked before being released in the final public version of the app.

[Via Emojipedia]

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