You Can Now Navigate Using Waze or Apple Maps Using the Google App on iOS

Google - Apple Maps - Waze

An update to the official Google app on iOS brings a handy feature on board. Users will now be able to navigate using Waze and Apple Maps in addition to Google Maps when looking for directions on the app. The feature is reportedly rolling out to the U.S. and other parts of the world, although it should go live globally very soon.

Previously, the Google app only showed navigation options through Google Maps. The addition of Apple’s default Maps app along with Google’s Waze will give users the additional choice to pick their favorite navigator.

When you look for a place to navigate, the app will show you three options – Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. If you don’t have Waze installed, the app will prompt you to get it from the App Store. There’s a toggle right below the list of apps to remind you which app to use every time.

It’s a minor addition, but a good feature to have nevertheless. While Google Maps still remains the preferred navigation app, Apple Maps has made giant strides since it was initially launched back in 2012.

Download → Google from the iTunes App Store

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