10-Year-Old Kid Fools Face ID on Her Mom’s iPhone X

iPhone X Lock screen Face ID Locked

Various tests have already shown that Face ID on the iPhone X can be easily fooled if you have an identical twin or using a 3D specialised mask. Now, in a new video, a mother shows her 10-year-old son unlocking her iPhone X despite the handset being secured by Face ID.

What’s interesting here is that there is not a striking resemblance between the mother and son and so its puzzling to see Face ID failing in such a scenario.

To be fair, Apple for its part does say that Face ID’s accuracy is affected if you have an identical twin or siblings and for children below the age of 13. As Apple collects more data about Face ID being used by millions of people across the world, the company will have a better chance of further improving Face ID’s security.

Another thing to note here is that its possible that Face ID learnt the facial features of the son when he unsuccessfully tried unlocking the iPhone X the first few times and then proceeded to unlock it with the passcode.

In an interview with the mother and son on WIRED and at the behest of the publication, Sherwani, the kid’s mom, re-registered her face on Face ID again. She then handed the phone over to Ammar, her son, who tried unlocking the device using but failed. After this, Sherwani tried replicating the same scenario in which she had first set her phone up — indoor and in nighttime conditions. The same thing happened with Ammar only being able to unlock the phone on his third try. After multiple such attempts, he was able to unlock the iPhone X again without any issues. This is because the AI behind Face ID is trained to learn the facial features of the person in front of the camera when a user unlocks the device using a passcode after the facial recognition system fails.

In such scenarios, one cannot help but feel that Touch ID was more secure than Face ID. Nonetheless, it is likely that Apple will get around to fixing such pain points of Face ID through future software updates and hardware revisions in future iPhones.

[Via Wired]

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